Media Covers CapLinked Deals with Startup America, Wahooly; Forbes Q&A

My company, CapLinked, has been in the news a fair amount in recent weeks.

Earlier this month, Forbes published a Q&A with me about using CapLinked to manage a business transaction such as a capital raise:

Q: How does the system work? What are the benefits?

A: CapLinked is a collaborative platform for making business transactions simple and secure. While Fortune 500 companies have the option of using expensive virtual data room services such as Intralinks, startups and other middle-to-lower-market companies haven’t had an affordable platform designed to help them manage transactions. That’s where CapLinked comes in.

TechCrunch covered our recently announced partnership with Startup America:

CapLinked’s platform includes private workspaces where entrepreneurs and investors can share fundraising documents and manage other transactions, as well as a network tools for connecting the two groups can meet. Now startups who are enrolled in Startup America will now get access to the company’s premium features, says CEO Eric Jackson. Those tools include workspace activity reports, multiple workspace administrators, the ability to create additional workspaces, plus more tools for networking with investors.

PandoDaily reported that online accelerator Wahooly has chosen CapLinked to help them manage due diligence and investor reporting for their startups:

Wahooly is a service that gives actual startup equity to influential people in exchange for their social media marketing services. That might sound like a recipe for legal disaster, but today the company took a step toward bringing further legitimacy to it’s platform. The company has teamed up with financial services startup CapLinked to help the company perform due diligence, without the hassle of face-to-face meetings.

CapLinked announces capital raise from “PayPal Mafia”

Earlier this week, we announced that we had closed a $525K funding round for CapLinked. Angels participating in the round included PayPal alumni Peter Thiel (co-founder of PayPal), Dave McClure’s 500 Startups, Joe Lonsdale (co-founder of Palantir), and Aman Verjee (CFO of Sonos), as well as David Anderson’s 7th Rig. Read the full account on CapLinked’s blog to see how we used our own product to facilitate the raise.

BusinessWeek Article on Private Company Valuations

I’m quoted and CapLinked is mentioned in this Bloomberg/BusinessWeek article on private company valuations. The article quotes a study documenting how secondary market valuations of VC-backed tech companies have risen a whopping 54% since June.

I’ll save musings about whether this is a potential asset bubble for another day, but I will add a clarifying comment to my quote in the article. Regardless of the valuations, companies such as Facebook, Zynga, Groupon, LinkedIn, etc. are excellent companies. If this were 1999 or even 2005, I think most of them would be publicly traded now. But given the current business and regulatory environment, they’re choosing to stay private.

Why the World Needs CapLinked

If you haven’t checked out CapLinked yet, take a minute to read this recent post from CapLinked’s blog entitled “Why the World Needs CapLinked.” It explains why Chris Grey and I started this company to help entrepreneurs and investors, how our platform is different from other services, and what it enables users to do.

CapLinked is Accepting Requests for our Private Beta

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to raise capital or an investor who’s put money into private companies, I want to let you know that we’re getting ready to send out more beta invitations for CapLinked. If you’re interested in trying out our service, submit a request through our online form and we’ll notify you when the next batch of invites are ready.

In case this is the first time you’ve heard of CapLinked, it’s a secure online platform for private companies to raise capital and share updates with investors.

Entrepreneurs can use CapLinked to upload deal documents for a capital raise, reach out to potential investors using the social graph, and keep existing investors up-to-date with posts and a customized dashboard.

Investors can use CapLinked to review deals from entrepreneurs they’ve connected with and keep track of all of their private company investments in one place.

(Or, if you prefer Silicon Valley geek speak, we’re “mapping the investment graph” by connecting entrepreneurs and investors so they can share confidential information behind a walled garden.)

If you’d like to try out our service, request a beta account today.