Score one for SoCal startups

losangeles_fwy_lightsBenjamin Kuo at observes with irony that the long-standing Silicon Valley criticism of Southland startups as too money focused and not visionary enough ran aground at TechCrunch50 earlier this week. The Bay Area startups at the conference were described as modest, whereas the only startup “swinging for the fences” was L.A.-based CitySourced.

While I wouldn’t say that the City of Angels is going to unseat Silicon Valley as the country’s hotbed of tech innovation in the immediate future, there is a thriving entrepreneurial scene growing in the shadow of Hollywood. As a much-discussed article from the Los Angeles Business Journal last month noted, by some measures L.A. has as many tech jobs as NorCal. Also, southern California-based startups took 6 of the 20 spots on “America’s Most Promising Companies 2009” compiled by While the business culture here is certainly not as tech-centric as the Bay Area, the size of the Southland workforce alone makes it a tech player, so expect to see more startups like CitySourced in the years ahead.

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